Friday, February 20, 2009

Our MACAU trip

Day 1- February 9.

We left house at around 7:00 AM although our flight is at 12:55 PM. Travel time to Clark airport is approximately 2 hours so we were there at around 10:30 AM. Why we chose Clark? We were able to get a very cheap airfare to Macau last Christmas. Our ticket cost only 450.00 (ALL-IN) Clark-Macau and that’s for the two of us na.

Travel Tax is 1620.00 and Terminal fee is 600.00

just before boarding

Checking in is a breeze, there were few people at the airport. We boarded on time and arrived at Macau International Airport 10 minutes advance.

From the airport to Hotel Royal, we took a taxi which cost us MOP70.00 exchange rate at that time I think was MOP1.00- Php 6.20.

The Hotel we stayed in is nice and considering we are there for a conference, the organizer got a good package with breakfast and dinner included.

checking in

our room

We went out immediately right after we brought in our bags in our room. Our first destination? We ate somewhere along the way going to San Malo (hope I got it right) and on our way to ruins of St. Paul. There are lots of store there, hubby went into one electronic shop where he saw playstation 3 and Ipod being sold at cheap price. But I think it’s cheaper in Hongkong. By the way, along that road you can find lot’s of street foods. You’ll get to taste also all of the stuff they sell for free. Everyone gives out free taste.

Resume of the conference is at 7:00 PM. So we hurriedly went back to the hotel because dinner is at 6 to 7 only. Here are some pictures of the conference too.

After the conference, we went to the famous "Venetian" hotel and casino. I was so amazed at the beauty of this place. Take a look at these pictures :)

So that goes our first day :)


  1. Nice pics you got here. That Venetian Hotel does look like Venezia (Venice) sans the smelly canal hahaha (I hope so). Tama ba ako o may amoy din?

  2. @juliana - thankfully no smell naman :) sayang nga we were not able to ride the boat (gondola ba un?) k'ze untill 10 pm lang. kaya pala "venetian"


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