Sunday, February 1, 2009

8 more days to go

and we’re off to Macau and Hongkong. I am excited because this would be many first for me and hubby.

Our first to attend such mission's conference.Our first trip out of the country.Hubby’s first airplane ride. Lol. And I am sure a lot more of first for us. I know we’ll have more bonding time together after the conference and I am excited for that too. During the conference we will be staying in Royal Selangor which I hope is as good as Westgate palace.

We still need some more funds but I worry no more. I’m sure God will provide.


  1. So you won't be here for my birthday, huh? Who's gonna make the cake? ;o)

    Have a wonderful trip! And tell your husband, I envy him. He's getting his first airplane ride already. Ako hindi pa. Haha! ;o)

  2. Oi, good luck and have a safe and wonderful trip to you both :)make the most out of it!

  3. wow! saya naman ng blessing nyo. i know you will be more inspired sa service nyo kay Lord after this trip.
    again, God provides kaya you shouldn't worry much.


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