Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend is over

How’s your weekend everyone? Mine is over, that fast. How time flies indeed. It’s Monday again tomorrow and even now I am already having Monday sickness, like I don’t feel like waking up early tomorrow. Where have my weekend gone?

Well, I don’t know if it’s busy because I just stayed home the whole day Saturday but I had my hand full. We (me and Jemimah) ventured into selling street food on afternoons because we needed additional funds for our first mission trip on February. It’s fun though, we enjoyed the first two days but it’s tiring. We are still thinking of some fund raising ventures in the next few days. Probably I’ll do some garage sale too. What else ba? If I could only sell term life insurance that quick I might have enough funds in no time but crisis oh crisis, I think no one is buying any insurance now.

Howell, I’m sure God will supply all my needs. I am certain of that crisis or not. The Lord we serve is unaffected of any economic situation and I praise HIM for that.

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