Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Anawangin Adventure

Our original plan was to stay for 2 nights and 3 days but when we saw the place we decided to extend it for four days and 3 nights.


We went there December 29, Monday, we left Manila at around 7:30 AM and arrived Pundaquit at around 10:30 AM. The trip was a breeze because it is still holiday, there’s no traffic and of course we passed by NLEX and the new SCTEX all the way to Olongapo and then San Antonio, from San Antonio another 5 minute drive or less to Pundaquit.

At Pundaquit we went to Wild Rose Inn just to inquire for a boat and a place to park the car, a lady and a boy ushered us somewhere near the shore and then we rented a boat there (a major headache when we are about to leave na, Imagine they want to change the price from 1000 to 2000? We paid 1600 including the parking fee which is 80.00 for overnight) The ongoing rate for boat they say is at 1000 for day trips, if the boat will stay with you overnight there is an additional charge.

the boat

Note : it is only a small boat so if the waves are too strong be ready to get wet.
Tip : We made sure our belongings are packed in a plastic bag to be safe.


None so bring your own home (joke) tent. You can rent one from Aling Ligaya (the caretaker) but she has only one tent for rent so it is best to bring your own.
There’s a bathroom and a “poso” water pump in both camping site.

There’s two camping site. Aling Ligaya’s place is the one who had barbed wire fence. She also rent out hammock just in case you forget to bring one.

Our tents

Note : There is no electricity and no mobile phone signal there.
Tip : Make sure you have extra batteries for your torch and lamps.


This one I am not so sure because they said it’s 100.00 per head for overnight. But then we only paid 150.00 per head for three nights. So I guess they gave us discounts. Probably because we’re the only group left for the New Year. I think the fee is for the use of the poso and CR.

the CR


Swim- At first we were afraid because of the ongoing talks about the recent drowning, so you need to be very careful, don’t swim too far because the water can be deceiving, you don’t know where the part where it can be deep.
The water is so clear and warm. Sayang naman if you don’t swim di ba?

Trek/Hike – the nearby cliffs/mountains, the husband and our 2 Canadian friends did this and they enjoyed it.

Tip: Bring your camera, the sight up there is amazing according to hubby.

the three who climb the nearby mountain

Read – You’ll will not get bored if you have good books with you.

Watch sunset – I did this for 3 afternoons and see what I captured here;

Fishing -yes, you can go somewhere near the lake, the guys tried two times and was able to catch one small fish..hehe!

the lone fish
the lake

Sleep and Eat
– Make you sure you have enough food with you. We ran out of food because we thought we’re only staying for 2 nights, we asked the ice cream man (yes there’s one guy selling ice popsicles there) if he could buy some food for us because he said he goes home to Pundaquit everyday, so he agreed to buy for us but turned out he can’t go back the following day kasi new year nga naman, so she gave Aling Ligaya our stuff. A bit pricey lang kasi we also gave them extra. A bottle of 1.5 coke cost 70.00 there. Bring also lots of drinking water unless you want to drink straight from the poso which we didn't do pero we use the poso water to cook rice. :)

our new years feast

So there, it is still best to go there summer or weekend para there are other campers around but if you do not want a crowd try going there weekdays.

I'm sure we're going back there someday.

More pictures here.


  1. wow i miss that kind of activities. Anyway, i won 3rd in Pinay mommy's contest just claiming my prize 500Ec and here is my ec link thanks.

  2. hey rocks! i didn't know you spent your new year there. i notice you didn't trek with them. kami naman, we didnt get a sunset shot kase it was cloudy. we stayed there just for an overnight adventure. we will definitely come back!


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