Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On cold weather and fireplace

Did you notice how it is getting cold everyday? I was surprised nga because when we were at Anawangin, we didn’t even have to use our blankets, our jackets and jogging pants at all because it was hot there. Here in Manila people sleep with their sweatshirts and jammies because it is cold. I even have to use hot water for my bath for few days now. I don’t know when that was but I read from the newspaper that temperature hits as low as 12°C here in Manila and 9°C in Baguio. Wow! That’s really cold for us kasi we are not used to cold weathers di ba?

I remember the last time I felt that cold was when we were in Sagada two years ago, it was like you don’t want to get up on your bed because you’re freezing. Can’t imagine how cold it is in other countries like those countries that snow heavily. Good thing in Sagada the house we rented has fireplace and we were just excited to use it. After all it’s not very often that we can stay in a house like that. I’m sure it is not as good as those from hotprice.uk but it served us well for our three day stay at that house.

So if you’re planning to build a house in cold towns like Sagada and Baguio you might want to take a peek into these Gas Fires and Electric Fires from hotprice.uk. They boast of good quality fireplace at very low cost. Their Hole in the Wall Fires is so nice! Neat! It is wall mounted and like touch screen phones it operates via touch sensitive glass.

In Anawangin, we can only have this kind of fireplace not to give us heat though but to light the place and roast some mallows and hotdogs and our very yummy chicken!

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