Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Questions of the week

1. What do you hope to have accomplished before the end of 2009?
-Established a home base business. Oh I have the more realistic list here.

2. How’s the New Year treating you so far?
-Pretty good,

3. How do you feel about yourself right now?
-I feel I badly needed to change a lot (personal) like eating and sleeping habits. I feel I need to take good care of my self now. I feel like taking Anoretix anytime soon.

4. What are the seven wonders in YOUR world?
- My hubby, my parents, my nieces and nephews, my computer, my bible and my friends.

5. ‘Sometimes I can be ________________’

6. As a child, what job did you hope to have?
-a teacher which I become only to quit after few years.

7. List 3 things about which you consider yourself very knowledgeable.
-I don't think I have 3 things that I am "very knowledgeable" because life is a continuous learning process and even in the field of what I do right now I still have much to learn everyday.

8. List 3 things that you do very well.
-Multi tasking, internet surfing (hehe), eating.

9. Do you think you look your real age? Have others ever made comments that they think you look younger or older than you are?
-Honestly I think I look more than my real age but weird people say I look younger than my age.

10. Are you an artist? If so, what do you create?
- I think so. I used to draw, I also design some friends wedding invitations.

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