Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michelle is pregnant!

Got good news today, my cousin Michelle who recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary is now pregnant!

Yesterday, we were talking about it over YM but she has not taken the test yet, this morning it’s confirmed. Praise God I am excited for her and I am so happy for both of them. I’m sure her mom will be excited too!

Surprisingly, the news didn’t hurt me that much like before. Maybe not unless super duper insensitive people would comment again and again to me saying “Ill be the next” or sometimes it can be so blatant as “when are you getting pregnant?” duh.

I hope they were able to read the do's and don't article so they won’t be insensitive.

Anyways, back to good news and good mood. I am just plain happy and excited to see Michelle give birth and see the baby..haha! to think it’s still 8 months to go.

And I’m happy too that I’ve changed. I am now at peace to whatever God’s will is for us.

For now, I'll just do my best and will try not to think about it that much and concentrate more on just being good to my self, implement exercise and diet strictly, hopefully because I don't want to resort to taking alli pills. Not just yet.

Again, Congrats Mich! So excited for you and Dax!

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