Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year everyone! I'm back! I was out of town with no electricity and no mobile phone signals for four days and been busy also for some things so I only had the time to go online now. How's your new year celebration? I'm sure fun and noisy..well, ours is so different as we spent it in Anawangin Cove. A very beautiful place in Zambales.

How did you start the year?

Did you make any new years resolution? Any plans for this year?

I still haven’t written down our plans and our goals for this year but hubby and I had a very good talk about it during our stay in Anawangin. It’s good to have some quiet time. I had enough time to reflect and to pray and to worship and ask God about His plans for us this year.

Would anyone know if the Cebu Pacific went on sale again? Haha..I was thinking of that when I was out there in the woods..because last Christmas I was able to buy our ticket to Macau for a very cheap price.

Anyways, I’m making multiple post for my three blogs. I wish I have all the time to spend online but It’s back to normal tomorrow but of course I’ll visit your blogs later.

See yah!

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  1. hi! sis, happy new year too. good for you, you welcomed the new year in a serene place.

    here's wishing you the best of 2009!


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