Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tay!

Dear tay,

I know I don’t always say I love you but I’m quite sure you knew how much I do. You may not be the perfect father in this world, you may be even far from being the best dad this world could have but I don’t care, I am not the perfect daughter either and yes I am not even close to being the best daughter there is.

But I am so proud of you, so proud that you have taught us good values, you have taught us how to love the family in the best way you can and Tay whenever I hear people say that you are blessed with how your children treats you and the whole family I just smile. It’s how you brought us up kasi.

We may not be rich but we are always abundant in love and care for each one of us.

You are now 72 years old and you’re still strong, please take good care of your body even more. Don't gain anymore weight and exercise more so we won't be seeing doctors this year and we won't be needing Lipovox too. I hope you and Nay remain healthy this year. I still have dreams for both of you. I dream of touring you around the Philippines and who knows even outside the country? There is nothing too difficult with our God.

I love you tay and please wait for your apo in us ha?

that's us (the whole family) during their 50th wedding anniversary last year and they'll celebrate their 51 st this coming January 24. We are indeed blessed! we're a bunch of healthy people. :)
From left : mE (youngest) ate weng (eldest) ate rina (third) and the only son kuya mon (second)

with all the grandkids and adopted sons and daughters..hehe!
I will forever cherish these pictures and the memories !


  1. Happy Birthday to your tatay!

    hehehe this makes me miss my tatay . its ok.

    Nice and Blessed family !!

  2. oi malaking family, malaking handaan din panigurado... but seriously, i envy this photo...i doubt my family and i can make a post like this... la na si papa, eh...ayan na miss ko na tuloy...

    happy birthday na nga ke tatay mo Rocks... wish him more years to spend with you and your family.

    Anyway, pa drop ng tag dito ha...

    just when you feel like doing pressure :-)

  3. your parents must be so proud of you...i hope all your dreams for them will come it out okay


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