Friday, January 16, 2009

Debt consolidation and my goal

It’s weekend once again and half of the month is over. The week past as fast as it can and I am just glad. Why? Because I want it to be Christmas again, obviously my favorite season of the year.

I have listed several goals to make or achieve this year. You van visit my personal blog at if you like and I pray you'll like it. Lol
I listed it down just so I can always take a look at it if I want to and check If I’m doing right according to my goals. I hope I’ll be able to at least check 3 out of that 5 stuff I listed down.

One major major goal is to eliminate some debts. I was actually happy as I computed the other day because I know at least I did well in paying up last year although I did well too in spending. Ugh. So I’m hoping I’ll be debt free within a year and a half. I think I still need debt consolidation to finish it early.

If you need advices or help about debts, try visiting There is a page there where you can see guides and debt plans that I’m sure will be of help to you. The debt plan is actually very doable. There is also medical debt consolidation for the expenses and debts incurred due to hospitalization and sickness. I hope no one in the family get sick this year. Of course they can help you with rental debt too. Thank God that I do not have to pay for any rent right now though I am getting ready for next year because we’re planning to move out on our own.

Whatever, I’m so looking forward this year and next year.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I don't have much debt to consolidate, what i have to learn is to payoff debts on time. Sometimes i have this attitude of procrastinating payment of debts.


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