Saturday, January 10, 2009

6th folder-6th picture tag

Nancy of realpixgalore tagged me with this very unusual tag and like her I also wonder why 6th? hehe! Anyways, I am so curious of what is the 6th picture is in my 6th folder and also I'm challennging myself If I could tell the story about the picture, so let's see.

And here's what I've got. It's Hannah's picture on her 7th birthday held last July. She's one of our godchild and I helped her mama in organizing her 7th birthday party which was a huge success of course. She's the youngest in the family and the only daughter, very well loved and cared for. It was such a big challenge for us as we tried to make the center (it's where we held our sunday services) look like a castle because her theme was disney princesses. If only we have nice venue with wall fountains it will not be that hard. But nevertheless, the party was still a hit!

This tag is very interesting because I just uploaded the image without even looking at the picture,just saw it when it was here already. Good thing it's avery good photo.

So, as always have to tag other bloggers but I just want to make sure that the ones I will be tagging will be interested too in posting the 6th picture in thier 6th folder picture file and tell the story about it. I'll think of them and will edit this post lwhen I have names already.

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