Tuesday, December 16, 2008

serious business talks

Last December 03, I was given a chance to coordinate a wedding again though it’s only an OTD coordination. The client was a referral of a friend from the US. I went with hubby, with my good friend/cousin Michelle and a J-mie who is getting married too next year.

The wedding went well, we were there at the bride’s hotel as early as 10:30 and we were the very first to arrive to at the church and of course at the reception. It was a shame that we do not have any business cards with us because some of the wedding suppliers were asking for it. Now, that made us think to make this as a serious sideline, since we are doing it now and we are enjoying it why not venture into a wedding coordination business. Business plans has been the talk of our group lately aside from our ministries and we are now very serious into trying it. In few weeks time, we will be ready to send out the proposals to our very first business venture which is all about training. We are hoping and praying that we will be successful on this. This morning J-mie went to DTI already to register the company name.

I guess we should be discussing our business card image and style soon, along with the company logo. I realized now how essential the business card is in one’s business. Good thing there is a site where you can get online business cards and you can even get 250 cards for free. In these trying times, we need to cut on cost especially if the business is so new.

Next year will be a different year for all of us. I’m sure of that.


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  2. sounds such an interesting engagement. really curious how to go about coordinating a wedding...


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