Friday, December 19, 2008

New Direction for New Year!

Good morning everyone!

December is really a busy month for all of us. I admit my blogging activities were not as active as last month because I have so many activities to do offline. Yesterday, I was absent from work because we packed and distributed old clothes, rice and noodles to one squatters area in Makati. It was devastating to see these people lost their homes and everything in fire just few days before Christmas.

I’m done with all the gift buying and gift wrapping task also. It’s been a busy busy week as we scouted different stores almost every night to find a not so expensive but nice gifts for everyone on our list. And mind you guys, I braved the Divisoria in its peak season but only we went on the evening. I must say doing evening market is a breeze, though of course there are few stores to choose from, it’s still a haven as we are able to buy cheap but good gifts.

Well, its 5 days before Christmas, I still have work until the 24th and can’t wait to have the longest holiday vacation ever in my entire working life. Work will resume on the 5th of January.

I’m excited for New Year. I am excited for new doors that the Lord will open for us. We don’t know where and what doors yet but I’m now assured that God is already giving us new direction.

Hopefully, hubby will be able to continue his studies as preparation also for the task that is set before us. And since his schedule won’t fit to a regular school, we might consider finding online schools. I haven’t discussed this yet to him but I’m sure he’ll think about it. The convenience of being able to study at home appeals so much to me. And I think we can also save much because he doesn’t have to travel to go to school so that means less transportation expenses. I heard also that those accredited online degrees are less expensive than regular school.

And if God permits, I would love to study again too. This coming new year, I would like to learn new things, I would like to learn something about behavioral science or something about child psychology. I hope an online college major is not as tough as our regular schools.

Anyways, this has been quite a long post and thank you for reaching as far as this. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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