Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last post for the year

Yes, I am making this officially my last post for the year.

I'll be out of town tomorrow, we're heading to Anawangin, Zambales for a camp adventure until the new year. So we're spending the new year in a secluded place with no electricity, no mobile signals, no hotels or inns, no beds and most of all no NOISE. Of course I'll blog about it when I get back. I hope I can make it as detailed as I can so when you it can be of help to those who want to go there too.

Anyways, how's your Christmas? We were at my sister's house in Bulacan and it was such a happy Christmas with all my nieces and nephews running around all day and all night. They didn't dare close their eyes on the eve of the 24th in anticipation of the gifts opening and we had games too for them. Here are some pictures. It was such a hard time choosing gifts for each one of them but it's worth it when you hear them say thank you and see how happy they are with thier gifts.

Another good thing that happened to us was I was able to buy tickets for me and hubby for our Macau missions trip on February. My cousin from Singapore informed me that there was an ongoing sale in Cebu Pacific, it was a christmas sale and it is indeed a sale because it is tax free. Guess how much is our airfare going to Macau? Php 450.00 all in. Only we leave Clark Airport but that's super ok with us. Where in the world can you buy a cheap ticket like that di ba?

Been here in our little abode since Friday evening and all I did was sleep and eat and play farm frenzy. I was too lazy to blog pa not until today because I have to do a Moen faucets assignment. I also made some efforts to clean and dispose trash and it feels good that the room looks a bit spacey now. I will still attempt to clean our bedroom tonight If I still have the energy because I still have to go to grocery later.

Well, I guess this has been a long post again, forgive me but it's the last post for the year so i do hope you understand.

Enjoy your new year guys and wishing you all a brighter 2009!

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