Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yes I am, I don’t know if it’s because of the season where everywhere and everyone are having a party thus the abundance of food. Look at this last weekend schedule of mine and tell me how could I avoid not eating?

Friday – 5 pm onwards – office Christmas party and I enjoyed the mango crepe so much.

Friday (yes the same day) –appreciation dinner for the volunteer workers in our church, I was late because I came from the office Christmas party. I love the veggie salad.

Friday (after the dinner) we went to starbucks for my (lost count of it already) can’t resist that red cup.

Saturday – we had an event at hardrock and at the same time it was my boss birthday.

Sunday – My group in the church (young couple/young pro) costume Christmas party and my oh my! The cake, the spring rolls and the adobo were all yummy!

It’s not over yet for I know this weekend there are several parties again.

Now, please tell me were to buy diet pills for I know I’ll surely need one right after this month.

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