Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where oh where?

The hunt for that nice and yet affordable house to rent is still on going. I saw one that I like last Saturday that is very near our current place too. It has two rooms with a small veranda, it also has a big living room and a laundry area. I wish I could afford the monthly rental though which is beyond the budget I am allocating.

I really would want to buy a house of our own someday. Even a small house in rural area would do. I would love to decorate and arranged my own furniture. Like the way Schumacher Homes designs the homes they built for their customers. They also help you find and built your home the way you want it to be. Look at this lovely kitchen;

Now, I wish I could at least make a my kitchen as bright and as spacious as that.

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  1. Ako din gusto din ng ganyan kitchen te raks. musta na kayo. di na tayo nagkikita. pagod ako palagi. ewan koba. palagi kong ka caht si j-mie. hahahaha


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