Tuesday, November 18, 2008

That's MY WORLD tuesday

My second post for this meme and today I'll show you more of my hometown. I do miss the ambiance and the simplicity of a province life.

When we went there last summer, I was bale to capture this picture. You can see this everyday in front of our house. This animal is the most important animal in a farmer's life. I haven't tried riding one though.

And the vast expanse of rice fields. Nueva ecija is the rice capital of the Philippines and I promise to take more good photos of beautiful rice fields this December.

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  1. Nice introduction to your world. I'll stay tuned next week.

    I am originally from Tarlac so we live next to each other.

  2. Thanks for sharing your world. I enjoyed the post.

  3. Such a different pace of life. I cannot imagine the ox (right?) going down the street. Very interesting.

  4. Rocks: Thanks for sharing your area of the world. the oxen was a neat capture.

  5. beautiful shots of your part of the world. i so enjoy seeing where everyone lives and conducts the daily business in their lives.

    thank you for sharing.



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