Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday


And though IRIS is not hosting the regular Thankful Thursday this week I would still want to give praise and thanks to God.

First, I thank God for hubby's passport which he is gong to receive on the 18th. God honored our very first step of faith. Mine is still pending but I'm quite assured that I will also be granted a passport.

I also want to Thank God for what breaking my heart last night before HIM. Indeed a broken spirit and a contrite heart, HE will not despise. I thank God for giving us the time to really soak in HIS presence through non-stop praise and worship.

I thank God that HE will provide for our very first mission trip to Macau in February. Thank God for the provision for that trip and for giving me extra income through paid blogging. For the weekly assignments like the las vegas hotel reservations I have to do now.

You are a great GOD and I praise you for LOVING ME!

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