Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Step of Faith

Wish us BEST!

We're going to DFA tomorrow morning for our passport application. It was supposed to be this morning but we woke up late and also hubby has this regular staff meeting that starts at 8 am. We finally decided to attend the IT Regional Conference in Macau on February 8 to 12. Encouraged and inspired by people who mattered to us, we will take the step of faith. This will be the start of our many missions trip together-we were made for this.

Step of Faith because if we will look on the money we're going to spend on that conference there's no way we can do that. As you all know, my hubby is a full time staff of our church and they only get meager amount of allowance monthly. And though I am working, there’s no way I can afford that trip for both of us.


So we’re taking the very first step tomorrow as we go to DFA to apply for our passports.

I reviewed our documents and so far it seems everything is ok.

Will let you know how the application went through tomorrow.

Got the image here.

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  1. I was able to process my passport in less than half a day last July, sis...hopefully, maging ganun din kabilis ang sa inyo. As long as all documents needed are at hand, walang magiging problema...



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