Monday, November 3, 2008

Sonya's Garden Wedding

I'm excited! as excited as my friend J-mie who is getting married there come November 28, 2009. One more year to go. Oh yes, it's still 12 months but we are excited. Sonya's Garden is such a nice place, we already visited the place twice and it never fails to amaze us of its lush gardens, the beauty of the flowers, the serenity of the surrounding. Perfect for a wedding venue. Perfect for a place to exchange vows before God and men.

Can't wait to see her walk here with her wedding gown!

And of course..can't wait to eat this healthy and super yummy salad again! For details on how to go there, you can visit their website.

Can't wait for a beautiful Sonya's Garden wedding. :)


  1. I miss Sonya's garden. It's a beautiful place where you can relax, enjoy good food and spend time with people special to you.

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