Sunday, November 16, 2008

seeing old, good,true friends

I received a cal last week from a friend way back my Cabanatuan days , and it felt good to be reun ited once again, we went in their place to celebrate Fedorah's daughter's 2nd birthday. Was I happy? Yes! very much althought there were only five of us. It is indeed great to be reunited. We're hoping for more get together soon :) and there was an abundance of food!!! wow! grilled bangus and tilapya, tokwa't baboy, pansit, siomai, rice cake (from Nueva Ecija) cake, ice cream, maja blanca. I imagine all those foods now and I feel like I am hungy.

From left, (dax, michelle, mcoy, fedor, me and jeff)

I took this picture on our way home, there were plenty of this along Las Pinas Road, I just don't know exactly where. Christmas na nga!!

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