Saturday, November 8, 2008

Plain lazy today

I just woke up. I know it’s way too late but I slept at around 6 AM already. After dropping and bloghopping last night, I went to bed at around 3 am and then switched on the TV and found a good movie by Johny Depp so there I ended up sleeping so very very late.

It’s weekend today and I am not doing anything special, no general cleaning, no putting up of Christmas decors yet as most of the housewives I know are doing now. I think I might go back to bed after doing some online tasks. I am plain lazy today, all I want to do is eat and sleep.

I miss snapping some new pictures already, our camera has been useless for almost a month now not because it ran out of flash memory but it's because the battery is dead, someone borrowed it and left the battery charger. I wish I could buy a new battery but there has been so many unwanted and unexpected expenses last week.sad.

Hubby and I are doing fine. Last night I watched 700 club and the Lord spoken to me through that show. I still am hurting over those incidents last week but I’ll try to look at it in a different note now. Nobody’s perfect and I am far from being one. Everybody makes mistakes (uy hanna Montana song!) anyway.

Well, as I have said I will just visit some blogs and go back to bed again. Hope you’re all having a nice weekend!

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