Monday, November 10, 2008

Paypal money!

I's not Thursday yet but I would like to do a thankful post which I have in mind now. I just want to thank the Lord for the paypal money I am regularly receiving for months now. It's not that huge but it is a big help.It helps us pay our monthly bills, it gives us little luxury like eating out once in a while and most of all it is a big help in both our families too because we do send support to them once in a while and we're also sending my youngest sister in law in school. It also helps us buy small stuff for the house and I know all the gifts I'm buying this December will come from that paypal money.. Who knows one day I'll be able to buy that lcd monitor too. It's on the top five of my wish list now.

Not everyone has given the chance to have an extra income and I must say it is a blessing indeed.

So for that..Praise you LORD who provides for my every need!

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  1. i agree with you sis... this 'online sideline' of mine has also helped me big time. it made us make ends meet... especially during these times of crisis.

    more opps for us :)


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