Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Passport application update

Good Morning! Though it is really not good to me because I wasn’t able to secure my passport this morning, I’m thankful na rin that hubby’s application was approved, he will have his on December 18. We were there before 6 AM and guess what? There were plenty of applicants lined up already. I thought we will be first in line but nope, good thing there are chairs so you’re sitting while waiting for your turn. I can’t wait that long standing on my feet unless I am using an MBT shoes which somehow helps in correcting your posture while standing.

I shall go back to DFA tomorrow and I’ll make sure I’ll go earlier so I’ll be on the first line. Please keep on praying It ‘ll be ok this time, armed with old Identification cards I hope I’ll be done by 9 AM.

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  1. Hay.. how sad nga... but it's ok Rocks atleast naman di nasayang ang effort nyo both yesterday, kasi na approved nga si hubby mo...Madali lang naman talaga basta ready lang lahat ng supporting docs...

    you can still make it tomorrow, sis!
    Goodluck uli.


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