Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I took this picture when we went home to our province last April, it was our barrio fiesta so there were parades and band like this one. I miss this and I was happy to be able to see one again. You can often see something like this during fiestas and of course there were lots of foods too. I still remember when we were still kids we use to go to small carnivals that are being set up during fiesta month. We love the rides and the cotton candies. Beautiful memories. I seldom go to my hometown now a days and I admit I also want my would be kids to experience a life in the countryside. My sister is planning to build a house of her own there someday and she also wants to have a home business when they retire. While me? I don't know, for now our plan is still in focus with going out on the mission field wherever that maybe.

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  1. Rocks: This looks like a fun parade in your world.
    There is one problem, I don't know where I am located when visiting you. Please be sure to put your name and country when linking in.
    FG/My World Team

  2. Interesting My World post.

    I, too, want my children to experience the country life I had growing up. They can't except for visits to my family's. What I am learning, however, is that they are making their own wonderful childhood memories in a different way about things that were not part of my life.

    Please kindly remember to put your country after your name when you link from the My World blog.

    Thank you so much for participating!

  3. Thanks for share so beautiful World.


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