Sunday, November 9, 2008

Most celebrated milestone in life

I missed two coffee breaks already and I know I’m late for this week but nevertheless, I still want to make a post about it.

For now, I consider my wedding as the most celebrated milestone in my life. Why the wedding? because it is indeed a milestone, a change in status, a change in environment, a change in lifestyle. It is a total and complete change of life.

And also our wedding was by far the most memorable event in my life, from the preparation to the exchange of vows to the reception. Everything.

I am still waiting for a bigger milestone to happen in my life that would topple the day of my wedding, probably that will be the day when I give birth. But since it is not happening yet, I still have my wedding day in top of my list.

Well, I guess I’ll consider learning how to unlocked cell phones too as a milestone but I guess hubby would be first to do that because he is more techie than me.

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