Wednesday, November 19, 2008

love love pictures!

I love taking pictures although I must admit hubby has the gift of taking beutiful photos and not me. I accumulated tons of photos ever since I got my first digital camera. And even when digitals are still unknown to the world, I already am hooked in keeping pictures. Back home, I have so many photo albums and every time I go there I look at them and all the memories preserved with the pictures came to life all over again. Nice feeling.

And now that we are living in the digital world, most of don’t keep pictures on albums anymore but on hard discs and view them in their computers. And I always do that too. I never get tired of looking at those pictures. But before you can do that you have to upload your pictures to your computer first. And you don’t have to worry of running out of memory because there’s also available website where you can upload all your photos and you can even let your friends view them. See? Another internet wonders.

One time, we went to a retreat and we can’t wait for our pictures to be uploaded in the computer, we immediately watch it on the big screen of our tv. Hubby plugged it into our television monitor and viola, viewing them on a big screen is indeed a pleasure. Now, if only we have an LCD TV, that would have been way way better. Right? But then again, I still enjoy looking at them both in computer or in TV as much as I enjoy taking them.

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