Sunday, November 16, 2008

Join pepperjam Network

Good morning! This is very rare for me. I usually don’t blog on weekends more so on Sunday mornings but here am I.

Well, I had a blast yesterday seeing old friends. It was such a nice feeling. I miss them so much and the laughs that we usually shared. It’s a blessing to have friends you know you’ll be friends forever. I’ll post pictures probably tomorrow or later tonight.

For the meantime, if you are still looking for extra income on the net, I know we all do especially now that spending season is here, who wouldn’t need an extra moolah right? I found an Affiliate Network and I’m interested. Pepperjam is the name of the company and I’m sure you have heard of them already. They’re one of the very first in the market so they must be very very reliable and for us publishers we need someone like that. We need partners that can provide us all the resources we need to be successful. I saw lots of bloggers already affiliated with pepperjam and if you’re not yet one of them, why not join now?

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  1. Hi! I found you on a Pinay Blogger Forum members blog and I would like to invite you on my little blog anniversary thanks giving giveaway.

    Details here

    I hope to see you there! Happy Sunday!


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