Tuesday, November 11, 2008

headaches and pressure

I slept last night with a terrible headache and I woke up this morning with the pain doubled. I don’t wanna take medicines as much as possible but I can’t bear the pain so I took one right after my breakfast. I can’t go to work if I didn’t.

I’m thinking of so much “pressure” as the major source of this headache plus it was so hot yesterday. And I admit I am stress with all these activities and responsibilities I have. Good thing the Lord never fails to remind us not to stress out but stand still.

I still have lot’s of to do’s for the benefit concert we are doing. There are still tickets for distribution, poster for printing and a lot more promotion to do. I haven’t met with all the concern people yet for the coordination meeting and I only have 23 days left.

Talk about stress, pressures and headaches. I have them all now.

Edited :

Just an hour ago I got a call that the venue we reserved for the concert is no longer available for us..waaaah! and that we have to move our date to December 06. That's unfair!!!!!!!!

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