Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Broadcast your phone messages

The one I am going to talk about is another wonder from the internet world. There are too many now, can’t count them on my fingers anymore. It never existed before where the only communication people knew is through writing letters and verbal, and then came the telephone. And the technology as we all knew didn’t stop with the telephone, and then came the beepers, the cell phones, and now the internet call.

I used to wonder how the telephone was invented and how it works, I stop wondering now how we can make phone calls through internet and how it works. All I know is that it makes life lighter and easier especially when you have family from a distance.

Now, we can not only make calls through internet but you can actually do Voice Broadcasting. It is the newest telecommunication method where you can broadcasts your phone messages simultaneously to hundreds of recipients. No not only to hundreds but to thousands of people actually. That’s like real broadcasting with a much cheaper cost. is the site where you can do that, they also offer robo calls for political organizations. I guess politicians can take advantage of this if they want to win. And they do a lot more telemarketing jobs.

I wonder what’s going to be next in the internet world. Let’s wait and see.

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