Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will I ever be an entrepreneur?

My cousin and I were discussing over yahoo messenger yesterday about quitting our present job and establishing a business of our own. I’ve been contemplating of leaving this job not because I don’t love the work and the compensation but because I think I need a rest for me to be able to get pregnant. (Some friends think the same thing)

I watched “the beat” last night with Mr. Colayco as a guest and they featured some good business options for women. According to him, fashion or accessories is one good option and he mentioned that there is also a big chance SPA business. Of course you have to consider your location and your market too.

Now, both of what he mentioned was not even considered by me and my cousin. We talked about putting up a pre-school and an internet café as another option. Honestly, I wanted to pursue a career in IT, had I known before that today will be computer age I would have studied computer related course, so now if ever I quit this job I would want to take home study course or enroll in elearning program available in the net. Maybe not as complicated as MCSE but I would be interested in MOS or Microsoft office specialist. I cannot afford to go to regular classroom anymore so a self study is the best choice for me.

I think there are many opportunities offered by the internet, since we are facing world economic crisis, I think companies will opt to hire capable people over the net because that would mean less overhead expenses for them.

Hubby is quite interested in learning about computers too but he’s more on the hardware side.

I don’t know what will happen next year, I might still be here on my current job or I might be doing full time ministry or I might be managing our own small business. Whatever it is I am assure that God knows what is best for me.

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