Friday, October 17, 2008

We talk about what?

I just came home from a friend’s house. We had dinner there, it was supposed to be last Tuesday but because I was so tired then I gave my regrets to the invitation. It is good to hang out with friends sometimes, especially when you all have your own lives now, married and trying to establish a family. We only gather and meet once in a while so you could just imagine how sad that the time flies so fast for us as we dine and chat. I’m just amazed how each of us changed, matured and grown in emotional, mental and spiritual level. You can say physical too because I noticed we’re getting bigger everyday.

Before, we used to talk about beauty stuff, make ups, lipsticks, lotions and colognes, sometimes men (wink! wink!) and movies but now it’s so different. It is so common for us now to discuss something about our homes and we love talking about kitchen hutches and kitchen stuff, about curtains, about beds and linens. We don’t have kids yet so we don’t discuss much about parenting and kids.

I don’t have my own house yet and I live in a very small room for now but once I get to move on and get my own place I’ll be so delighted to furnish it with things I love. Like this quality sideboards that looks so neat! A while ago we also talk about designs we want. I love minimalism too like one of my friend. I love to have the space where I can freely move so I know I’ll be choosing that kind of furniture.

For my own house I dream of having this buffet furniture in my living room.

I found this at I browse all their furniture and they’re all nice. From there you can choose and make combination of your preferences. What a lovely home that would be!

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