Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I want to thank God for the wonderful retreat of the music ministry yesterday. Thank you for the nice weather, they said there was a typhoon coming but when we reached our retreat place, there was only drizzle and the weather is just perfect.
Thank God for the worshipful heart He has given to all of us in the music team, thank you for the sense of commitment these young men and women. I am so thankful for the support they are giving my husband as he leads this ministry. We were so deeply touched and so encouraged.
Thank you for the provisions again for the retreat, everyday we walk by faith and everyday HE is showing us how much HE cares for us. Thank you for the safe travel and for that fun day.
I also want to thank God for some people He is using to bless us.
- Pastor Jonie-our new music ministry overseer. He is indeed an encouragement for the group.
- J-mie, she heads the Children of Hope ministry and she is a very good friend, Just last night she brought us yummy dinner and it was really on time because I was dead tired and can’t even get my self up to cook us dinner.

- To friends who stayed and was never swayed by any circumstances.

Thank God for everything!!!!
Vist IRIS new site and read more from many thankful hearts there.


  1. Thank God for His many blessings upon you and your husband as you serve Him together. May He continue to bless both of you as you seek and serve Him, and make you a blessing to others. Thanks for all your encouragements to me. I am so thankful we can meet through blogging. Take care and may God bless you always!

  2. What a beautiful thankful heart you have! Blessings to you today!

  3. Happy Thankful Thursday! Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  4. Happy Thankful Thursday! Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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