Friday, October 3, 2008


I started with Tag Train I'm doing #7..Doing it backwards...

1. Who was your last inbox message from?

From one of my boss horse feed's supplier

2. Anything funny happen this week?
The water game we had last Saturday was very funny!!

3. Do you believe that you can change for someone?
Probably-If you want to but I don't think it is best.

4. Do you like surprises? What's the biggest surprise have you received so far?
Yes!! very much- My engagement ring

5. What song do you listen to feel happy?
I only listen to gospel songs

6. Name famous people you have a crush on?
Nicolas Cage,

7. Garfield or Mickey Mouse? And why?
Garfield-funny and cuddly

8. In a week, how many times do you go online?
Almost everyday, otherwise tasks will expired..hehe! like now, I still have to see sites where one can get spider traps.

9. Describe yourself in one word.

10. Something about you that you're proud of?
I am a child of the KING.

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