Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sad but productive Saturday

It was a lonely weekend for me, as I have said in my last post hubby is away until tomorrow. It was sad but it is a productive day for me as well. I was able to clean and organize some stuff in the room again. Tiring but it's okay.

It was such a hot day no? I was like perspiring the whole day. Aren't we suppose to have colder weather now because it's "ber" months already. Global warming is real.

Anyways, I was happy about something the Lord is doing in my life. I'm seeing things and situations in different level now. Of course it doesn't mean I am not hurting anymore but the love of God is just overwhelming. His love sets me FREE. Free of anger to anyone who have cause me pain. Free of bitterness in situations I couldn't handle. It's so good to be free.

And so the feelings when I wrote this post is completely different now. And I feel bad of writing that but I won't delete it. It will serve as a reminder to me that God deals with what I feel and that HE is concern to all my reactions in every situation.

And if I hurt anyone out there with that post (as if naman binabasa nila blog ko no? just in case lang po na nabasa nyo) I just wanna say sorry. I can not say I understand you now but I just feel God's love overflowing eh. and yes it's true.I am no better than anyone of you and I should not regard myself as one.

Anyways, It's already 2:47 am and I still have some songs to type. Puyat na naman ever! I have to wake up early pa tomorrow because it's Sunday.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone! and please spend some quality time with GOD. HE will appreciate it I'm sure.

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  1. Hello there, Rocks! After reading this post this morning, I thought of sharing this to you ;o)


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