Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh no!!


I was just trying to change my template, I uploaded and saved the old one but for reasons I don't know I can't get it back to how it was before...:(

This is the very reason why I don't have the guts to change..

All the widgets are now LOST!!!

the alexa rank..the technorati and the google page rank..

and even my shoutbox!! waaaaaaaaah!!

and it's 4:53 AM already!!!


  1. hi my friend. i cant EC drop coz of technical problems but im still here in ur page checking out whats new. hope u cud give me a visit back. thanks.

  2. hi sis, what happened? your shoutbox and EC and the rest of your widgets are gone.

    here I am dropping by, it's 12:14 p.m. sunday while still here in italy.

    hope you'll get your site back ASAP. TC!

  3. Hi before you change your template layout save first your side box entries in a word pad or in a notepad and save it in your desktop or documents because that is a known fact that it will lost when you change a layout. After installing a layout you should put it back where it belongs. For more info just visit my blog i will post about it and show some tricks.


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