Saturday, October 4, 2008

Off to Tagaytay today

That's why I'm up as early as 5:00 AM this morning, well, not really to prepare for the trip but also to do some hops before leaving because I see a busy weekend again.

we will be going to Tagaytay at 7 AM today, probably be back home late afternoon and then will be off to Pangasinan naman at around 10 PM. See? I told yah.I'll have a busy weekend and will be out of the internet world until Sunday.

So before I vanish here I'll do more blog visits as many as I can now.

enjoy your weekend everyone! and please visit "made to worship" to see pictures of our recently concluded Praisin Kid's town activity for the less fortunate kids :)


  1. grabe, pasyal ka lang pasyal! hehehe! sama ko!

  2. miss ko na magpunta sa tagaytay... la lang..


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