Friday, October 10, 2008

No office for me today

I was absent today I really don’t feel well for almost a week now, that trip we made last weekend drained me plus the heavy menstrual flow. Today, the body just gave in. I wanted to come to office because I know I have works to do but I really can’t. So what did I do the whole day? I stayed in bed till1PM, had breakfast and lunch at the same time and then watched TV feeling like I’m using some kind of home theater seating while watching. I just love to be at the comfort of our bed. I planned to do some assignments online but I’m too lazy to get up. So I slept again and was awaken by the phone call from the travel agency and that bolted me to get up and make some phone calls, some office works never leave you even when your home no?

So here am I awake and surfing. I feel a lot better now. The long hours of sleep helped a lot. How’s your Friday guys?

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