Monday, October 13, 2008

Looking for a nice week ahead!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil.4:13

That would be my verse for the week. I know I need more strength to accomplish all the works to be done and who else can give me the strength but Jesus right?
There are still lots of things to do here at work and in the ministry as well. Today I have to start with the pending car insurance renewal of my boss. Several airline tickets too and a lot more.

For the ministry I’ll have to list down my to do’s :

1. Finish lay-out of ticket and poster for the fund raising concert –due Wednesday
2. Print-out tickets and posters
3. Print out pledge form for the scholars
4. Print 2nd Fishnets newsletter (ask from J-mie)
5. Finish distribution of thank you cards (follow up with the rest of the team)
6. meeting with the people involve in the concert
7. Photocopy 2 minutes of the meeting
8. Confirm Rommel Guevarra’s schedule

I’ll see if I can finish them all this week.
I hope we all have a nice week ahead of us!


  1. for u Rocks -

  2. dropping by to say HI! take care.


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