Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Nicole is sick

My godchild Nicole is sick, we brought her to the hospital this afternoon because we got worried, her fever last night reach as high as 40. The doctor said it is Pneumonia because she’s breathing hard, they nebulized her twice now. How I wish we adults could take the pain and the uneasiness to her. She’s not eating and she’s been throwing up so she’s taking up glucolyte also, the doctor said it is like dextrose. Her parents are both missionaries and they don’t have a regular income. They live by faith. I am yet to be parent but I can see from them the feeling of how hard it is when you’re child is sick. Nicole is pretty much like a daughter to us, they stay with us every weekend and goes home to Las Pinas on Tuesday. So we’re kinda developed special attachment to her. We love to take pictures of her, in fact she has hundreds of pictures in our hard drive. She’s a happy sight everytime I see her when I come home from the office. Below are some of her pictures.She loves to sit in my lap whenever I am in front of the PC

Oh and did I mention she loves the yellow lighting in our bedroom? Whenever she cry if she’s with me I’ll just show her the light and she’ll look at it with all her amazement.

So dear Nicole, please be well now. We love you!

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