Monday, October 6, 2008

I survived

the Monday

I thought I was going to give up in the middle of the afternoon but I managed to stay and finished all the important stuff I have to finish.
It was not a nice day because I really don’t feel well but Praise God I made it.
I was planning to go home around 3 or 4 PM but actually went home at around past 7. Talk about wanting to rest.

And I promise myself not to overdo it again and not to miss another Sunday Worship again, I think it makes me more even weak. Missing one Sunday worship is bad how much more missing two? Tsk..tsk..

Going to Tagaytay on Saturday morning and then off to Pangasinan on the evening with barely an hour of rest is really not a good idea.

And yes, I was there at my nephew’s dedication and 1st birthday celebration but it’s as if I was not there at all. I slept till 11:00 AM because I just can’t bring my self to wake up, so they went to church without me and to think I’m one of the godparents.

The only consolation I got was the happiness of seeing your whole family complete, all my siblings and all my nephews and nieces were there. It was chaotic but the feeling that you have a closely knitted family is something too.

I have been trying to upload pictures but to no avail and I don’t need another stress so I’ll post it when I have much time and I’m well rested. Goodnight people!

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