Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I know I wanted one even before I got married and I am not giving up on that dream. I know someday I’ll be decorating my own house, furnishing my own bedroom, cleaning my very own kitchen. Saw some custom homes from Schumacher Homes Louisiana and I was impressed by their designs and I am dreaming of home like of those. The quality and the space, I love it!

During our trip to Pangasinan last Saturday, my sister told me about cheap houses for sale in their area again and honestly I was like yes, you go and find one for me. As if I could afford it right now but who knows? Not that I am not enjoying my stay in this special house of ours anymore but I guess it is not bad to wish for something you want for yourself right?

See the fireplace? and the high windows?
Reminds me of the house we stayed in when we were in Sagada. Nice!!


  1. That is one beautiful home. I hope that I can have a home with such high ceilings (although I can't even imagine how hard they would be to clean!)

  2. Hello there, Rocks. I have something for you here. Hope to make you smile ;o)


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