Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Featured Site: Petwave

Badette loves our TV so much..sigh I miss him sometimes
Most of us have pets at home sadly though we lost Badette our cat one week ago. If in case you are looking for information on how to take care of your pets, here’s a site for you. As usual it is online so you can browse to your heart content as long as you have internet connection. You’ll find it very helpful as you can see there almost everything about your pet, from the food to health care, to rabies facts and even to their behaviors. In our home, hubby is the one who loves pet, I’m actually learning from him, maybe when we have our own house already we will be able to maintain and take good care of a cat and a dog. This time though that we aren’t allowed to have one, he might consider the fish and finally get that aquarium from my sis house.


  1. good story.
    pets are really hard to let go and forget.

  2. Your Badette looks like my Momma. She died last winter. It is not easy to get over losing a pet. I keep many pets so that the loss seems easier now. I feel for you and your loss.


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