Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dream big dreams

And who among us is not dreaming to become rich? Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming to be one of those rich kids, someone who lives in a big house, someone who goes to a super exclusive school, someone who has her own car and someone who can go anywhere she want and eat anything she likes. I dreamt of that because I was born poor. Probably not that poor like we still eat three times a day but I know we aren’t even living above average that time.

I still dream of being rich today but of course reasons behind that dream have already changed a lot. I know it is not only for my self but for so many noble reasons.

I read the story of the founder of Days Hotel and I was inspired a lot by him. He was born poor but he managed to establish the Days Empire all over the world and he is a Christian. He was very good in real property investment and he didn’t even study real state broker course. Now a days people can go to school where you can learn specific fields of expertise.

Probably by now you have already heard of Nouveau Riche Scam. I am not in the position to tell you if it is indeed true but you can research for your self.

Upon looking at their site I saw a lot of testimonies about how their lives have changed by this university so I really do not know if Nouveau Riche Scam is just a bad publicity or not. I wish though it is not and that all these people testifying in the website are for real. It feels good hearing and seeing someone realizing their dreams right?

SO, have you read any Nouveau Riche Scam in the news? What do you think about it?

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  1. hi! i dream of becoming rich as well. i want to become rich because i now believe that the ultimate purpose of wealth is to love. if i have a lot money, i will be able to give and bless a lot of people. and i know you will become rich one day because God will prosper. and that's a wonderful thing because you are such a big giver. have a nice day.


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