Friday, October 31, 2008

December Special Non-Working Days

I'm anticipating my longest Christmas vacation ever and I am so excited.

December 25 (Thursday) - Christmas Day
December 26 (Friday) - Special Non-working Day
December 27 (Saturday)
December 28 (Sunday)
December 29 (Monday) - Special Non-working Day
December 30 (Tuesday) - Rizal Day
December 31 (Wednesday)
New Year’s Day - January 1 (Thursday)

and I pray for our company to declare January 2 as non-working too. Just wishing.

That's 9 straight days of no office work! Yepeee! Haven't been this excited for the christmas holidays. :)


  1. thanks for the reply of sponsor...Wish come true.....

  2. i'm looking forward for this long vacation din sis :) sarap ng bakasyon... but after that, mas exciting kasi lalabas na baby G :)

  3. sarap sna but in my line of work, there's no holiday...huhuhu...need to work pa rin...sayang...:):):)

  4. Wow daming holidays :) Ang saya saya!


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