Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coffee Break 1.38

This week's topic is :

And it got me thinking of weird names I know or I ever encountered, I will try to remember all those funny names but as Jan mentioned in her blog this post has no intention of insulting people or place. our apologies indeed.

When I was in college I know there is a girl whose surname is Bay-ag, she's from Ifugao that's why. I have a nephew from my first cousin whose name is NIWALUM - that's MULAWIN when read backwards. Obvious that it came from the telenovela Mulawin of GMA. From college also, I remember a co-student assistant whose nickname is R, he has a twin brother whose nickname is U, they said they also have 2 more brothers with D and Y as nicknames. Thier father's nickname is RUDY, they were all named after the father yata which is Rodolfo. So unique no?

That's all I can remember for now but for sure there are more. I'll edit this na lang as soon as I heard new unique name. For the meantime I'll go and pack up for things I will bring to Pansol tommorrow. I should not forget hubby's eyeglasses and my sunglasses as well though I heard it might rain and it's gonna be cloudy tommorrow.

For more funny names visit Jan's site.

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