Monday, September 29, 2008

Work abroad

I used to dream of working abroad when I was younger. At that young age, I know that when you work abroad you earn dollars and by that your family live comfortably pretty much here.

And even now, if given the chance I will still do it, even when the financial status of the US is not good I would still grab the opportunity to work in that country. Especially that I have friends and relatives there, For sure finding a job would not be very very hard though I read in some news that jobless already reached the 7 year high in the US. I can always look for San Francisco jobs, or even to anywhere of the 50 states, even in the suburbs. I don’t certainly love the idea of being away from my family (hubby has to come with me of course) but seeing how I would be able to help them would be an enough motivation.

Now if US is not possible, Canada, Australia and Dubai are good options too. Only if given the chance and the opportunity. Why not di ba?

But the thing is God has other plans for me. yun lang.

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