Monday, September 1, 2008

Thank God it's Monday

So happy it’s Monday!

I know most of us slaves…uhmn.. employees hate Monday because we want to stay late in bed, we don’t wanna wake up so early in the morning and we always always wish it’s still Sunday right?

But it’s different for me today, since yesterday I’ve been waiting for Monday to come and yes for the record I am not late today. Clap.clap.clap.

You see, all of the blogging task written below this post were not accomplished this weekend, our computer at home for reasons only my husband knows crashed and I couldn’t turn it on, so I’m computer less the whole weekend. And I’ve been thinking of all the task I have yet to accomplished, that’s why I came early today at the office.

I promise to do bloghops and drop entrecard in between breaks but for the meantime it’s time to do some office works and financial reporting at the same time.

I’ll see you all later!

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