Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scary prank call

Have you ever experienced receiving annoying phone calls from strangers? I remember one scary experience I had was a phone call from someone obviously I do not know, it was nearing midnight and I guess I was the only one awake at that time, the phone rang and though I’m quite apprehensive to pick it up I did somehow and whoaahh..I was like so scared because the voice on the other line made some scary sounds and didn’t speak at all. How cruel. So sad that we don’t have yet caller ID at that time.

Now this one is another online wonders for me. Don’t you know you can identified those prank callers at the Caller Identifier site. Basically, you just give them the number that registered on your phone and they’ll identify it for you. No more unwanted and unsolicited phone calls for you now.

How I wish it’s available here now.

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