Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sad News for the Christian World

I can not explain how I feel about this sad news, probably the whole Christian world is still in shock. I actually heard about this last week but was able to read the whole story only yesterday and last night I shared it with hubby and he too was stunned.

I am talking about Michael Guglielmuccie of Australia. The former pastor with one of Australia's biggest youth churches, Planetshakers, inspired hundreds of thousands of young Christians around the world as he performed with an oxygen tube in his nose.

I am actually worried on how this event will affect Christians all over the world, of course he is famous that’s why this news was all over the internet for some days now. But I do know, this happens not only in Australia, not only in big churches but something like this happens even in small church and could even happen to your church.

I suddenly remember the pastor I knew from way back who left his wife and eloped with the church worship leader.

I could enumerate more stories and stuff like that but I don’t want to. It’s not even worth remembering. It’s painful for me to see Pastors and church leaders fall and I know it’s even more painful to God.

But then, God is God and He has thoughts and plans only Him knows and understand. I cannot by anyway judge them. Honestly, reading the news and watching all the videos, I feel sorry for Michael and I hope He finds forgiveness in his heart. God is able and will always be able to forgive him as He is forgiving us in our everyday sins.

And for God, there is no such small or big time sin. A SIN is a SIN no matter how tiny it is in our eyes.
I guess we all need the HEALER everyday.


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  2. We may all have faults, but God is able to forgive people no matter how big or small the sin is.
    God is the God of Second Chances.

    God is faithful even if we are not faithful in His eyes.

    He waits for us to confess and admit our sins, there and then will God forgive us and cleans us from all unrighteousness.

    God is good all the time.

    God bless and have a nice day

  3. Hello rocks =)

    yeah, I heard about this too. Its sad! but like you said we are in no position to judge him. I just hope and pray everything will be ok with him!

    btw, I have an award for your awesome blog! see it here...



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